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Research Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

(1) Policies.  Policies set forth governing principles that are designed to further significant TCU goals and objectives or are necessary to comply with legal requirements. A policy is an university-wide mandate and must be driven from the top to be effective. Policies state the scope of policy and provide a high-level description of the policy requirements and controls that must be in place to effectuate the policy. Policies usually reference the procedures that support it, as well as any other related policies.

(2) Procedures.  Procedures are instructions to assist the TCU community in implementing the applicable policy and may be written or established by practice. Whereas policies identify the controls that should be in place, procedures provide specific direction, explaining how to implement the controls in a step by step fashion. Examples of procedures include programs as well as informal, established practices.

(3) Guidelines.  Guidelines provide detail and context on best practices for a policy or procedure. Guidelines provide a clear pathway for TCU faculty, staff, and students to follow to give effect to an obligation of TCU, or a policy or procedure. The development of a guideline document is not compulsory.

Governance Hierarchy Definition Required Approver
(1) Policies High level statements of core principles, goals, and objectives Policy Sponsor
(2) Procedures Specific implementation instructions for use in the operating environment. Policy Sponsor
(3) Guidelines Details and context on best practices associated with a specific policy or procedure. Policy Sponsor

Research Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

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