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Intellectual Property and Innovation

Research and creative activity are vital functions of a university, and TCU encourages participation by the faculty, staff and students in these scholarly pursuits. Questions regarding intellectual property rights often arise from scholarly activities. TCU wants to insure that inventions, discoveries and creative works are managed in a prudent manner which will result in fair benefit to all concerned. Information is provided here to guide faculty, staff and students with regard to decisions involving intellectual property.

In consultation with appropriate University officials (including legal counsel) the Intellectual Property Review Committee (IPRC) and the creator will review and recommend to the Associate Provost for Research whether or not to proceed with legal protection of intellectual property, including but not limited to patent, copyright, trademark, and licensing.

Intellectual Property Review Committee (IPRC)

The IPRC reviews disclosures related to intellectual property and recommends to the Associate Provost for Research regarding actions to be taken including, but not limited to, copyright, patent, trademarks and related legal protections.  The Committee is responsible for maintaining a published process for review and contact with creators/inventors.  The IPRC may consult with outside entities regarding feasibility and marketing for intellectual properties, as budget allows.   For forms, policies and procedures, see the IPRC Documents page.

Invention Disclosures for IP Committee consideration should be sent to the Associate Provost for Research for recording and relay to the IPRC.