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Compliance Training

The TCU Office of Research offers comprehensive training opportunities to meet the needs of faculty, staff, postdocs and students involved in research and scholarly activities at TCU.   Our program is structured to provide a better understanding of the requirements, policies and administrative processes that impact the research enterprise.

There are different training requirements depending on the type of research in which you are involved. Check with the appropriate research committee overseeing your research, and review requirements as stated on our website. 

Required training can be in the form of online and in-person classes. The CITI Program is used to fulfill many of the training requirements and includes Human Subjects, Animal Research, Good Clinical Practices, Conflict of Interest, Biosafety, Responsible Conduct of Research, and Export Controls Compliance.


Texas Christian University is dedicated to providing training and support to its researchers in all positions, whether graduate or undergraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, or faculty and staff. This website details TCU’s policy about Responsible Conduct of Research training, which is required for all students (graduate or undergraduate) or postdoctoral researchers paid any salary from grants and is encouraged for all others engaged in research.


CITI Access for new users

Go to CITI and click on “Register”

Step 1. Select your Institution or Organization Texas Christian University

Step 2. Enter your name (first and last) and your TCU email. You may also choose to enter a “secondary email.”

Step 3. Create a Username and Password. Continue with registration through to step 7.

Step 4. Enter your Country of Residence

Step 5 . CME/CEU Credits. There is a charge for credit.  Select whether you would like to receive credit or not and enter professional affiliation if credit is desired.

Step 6. Complete additional information requested by TCU

Step 7. Select your Curriculum.  This page asks multiple choice questions targeting the curriculum you will need.

Click Complete and then Finalize Registration

Course Completion Certificate – Once you successfully complete a course, a CITI training certificate of completion is automatically sent to the Office of Research and the appropriate research committee chairperson, if any.  If you need additional copies of your completion report or certificate, you may access the CITI site and print additional copies.

For all courses, Course completion reports and certificates are available for viewing, downloading and printing.  To view and print your course completion history, select “Print” under “Completion Report” on the Main Menu. To print the certificate, instead of the completion report, select the second available option that is identified as “certificate”. Print and retain a copy of the completion report and certificate for your records.

Adding a Course – If you are an existing CITI user, you may select additional courses after you log in by clicking on “Add a Course” on the Main Menu page, under the Texas Christian University Courses.