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IACUC Training

All researchers and staff working with animals in teaching or research, students using animals in research, and all other individuals subject to the TCU IACUC oversight must complete the appropriate training as identified in the table below, before any animal use, handling, or other interaction may begin.

New protocols will need to have the CITI certificates attached for # 2 and 3, and when applicable, #4-8, before they will be reviewed by the TCU IACUC. Researchers working in the vivarium will need to complete #1 before they can work in the vivarium (this is not required for protocol submission). The last item #9 is only for people on the IACUC.

1. Vivarium TrainingEveryone working in vivariumCertification not required for protocol submission, but required to work in vivarium
2. CITI – Working with the IACUCAll animal researchers (PIs and students) for lab or field projectsCertification required for protocol submission
3. CITI – Minimizing Pain and Distress in mice and ratsAll animal researchers (PIs and students) for lab or field projects that include mice and/or ratsCertification required for protocol submission
4. CITI – Working with Animals in Biomedical ResearchOnly animal researchers working in vivarium on projects that would be considered biomedicalCertification required for protocol submission
5. CITI – Aseptic Surgery, Working with Rats in Research (only for rats), Working with Mice in Research (only for mice)Only animal researchers working in vivarium on projects that require invasive proceduresCertification(s) required for protocol submission
6. CITI – Working with FishOnly animal researchers working with captive fishCertification required for protocol submission
7. CITI – Working with ReptilesOnly animal researchers working with captive and wild reptilesCertification required for protocol submission
8. CITI – Wildlife ResearchOnly animal researchers working with vertebrates in the fieldCertification required for protocol submission
9. CITI – IACUC Refresher CourseOnly IACUC committee membersMust complete every four years