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Instructions for Submitting Protocols to IACUC

Prior to submitting a protocol to the IACUC, researchers should familiarize themselves with applicable law Federal Regulatory Requirements, Guidelines, and Policies and TCU policies and procedures.  All research personnel must complete all required training and been enrolled in the TCU Occupational Health and Safety Program before any animal research-related activities are conducted.  If you have questions, please contact Research Compliance at or (817) 257-4266.

Initial Review

Teaching or research projects that use animals must have IACUC approval before project initiation.

Complete the Protocol Application for any new use of animals for teaching or research.  Follow all instructions that are set forth in the application. Submit your completed application to

Prior to submission to the full committee, the TCU IACUC Chairperson will conduct a preliminary review of the application for completeness.  Also, the Attending Veterinarian will review the protocol application for procedures related to animal husbandry, euthanasia, and interventions designed to minimize pain or distress.

Once the preliminary reviews are conducted, all protocols are sent to the full IACUC for assessment.  If any member desires to have a protocol reviewed by the full committee, they will notify the IACUC chairperson within the allotted time and make such request.  If no request for a full committee review is made, the protocol will be assigned by the IACUC Chairperson to a designated IACUC member for review.  The designated reviewer may approve or request changes to a protocol but cannot reject a protocol.  The designated reviewer may choose to send the protocol to the full committee.

The IACUC Chairperson will notify the Investigator of the Committee action. Approved applications will be assigned a protocol number which must be referenced on: (1) All internal correspondence regarding the negotiated animal use, (2) Purchase order requisitions for the animals, and (3) Identification cards required for all of the animals.  Upon receipt of protocol application approved by IACUC, the Investigator should forward copies of the signed Committee Action Form to the appropriate sponsoring agency.

Annual Review and Expiration

IACUC approval is effective for no more than three years.  All protocols are subject to an IACUC annual review.  Failure to timely submit an annual review can result in the protocol being suspended until the review form is submitted.  If the research or teaching activity is to continue beyond three years, a new Protocol Application must be submitted as instructed above.

For annual reviews of USDA regulated species, complete the Annual Review Form and submit electronically within 30 days of the first and second anniversaries of the initial IACUC approval shown on the Committee Action Form to

For annual reviews of non-USDA regulated species, complete the Annual Review Form and submit electronically on or before June 1st of the first and second years of the protocol’s three year approval term to

Changes to an Approved Protocol

Any changes in personnel, funding agency, species, number of animals, or procedures must be reported to and approved by the TCU IACUC before the change may be implemented.

To request a change, complete either the  IACUC Amendment Request Form (administrative changes) or   IACUC Amendment Request Form (significant changes) prior to implementing any protocol changes and submit the form to the Chair IACUC at  Approved changes to a protocol do not change the expiration date.