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Controlled Substances

The TCU Office of Research oversees the Controlled Substances program. Our focus is to ensure compliance with federal and state regulators surrounding controlled substances in the teaching and research setting at Texas Christian University. This program provides guidance to teaching faculty, investigators, and research staff on obtaining Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration/license.

Researchers at TCU need to know:

The Office of Research no longer financially supports licenses and disposal for DEA Registrants and will be the responsibility of the Principal Investigator. Please review the SOPs for disposal options.

Before a TCU researcher can purchase any controlled substance, a valid DEA registration number must be obtained from the DEA. Please see the link below for the online DEA Controlled Substances Registration Application. Once you have received a DEA Registration number and before purchasing or engaging in any TCU research activities with controlled substances, the Office of Research must be made aware of your intent by completing the Controlled Substances in Research Registration form and submitting it to the

Any such researcher must be registered with the DEA for the specific laboratory location where the substances are received, securely stored, or administered.

A DEA Registrant must authorize in writing all staff and students who will be working on the registrant’s project involving Controlled Substances. To become an Authorized individual, review the procedures document. Authorization documentation should be kept in the registrant’s lab records and maintained.

Only DEA Registrants and Authorized Individuals identified to the Office of Research may be involved with the use of Controlled Substances in TCU Research. No person who has been convicted of a felony offense related to Controlled Substances, has had an application for DEA Registration denied, or has surrendered a DEA Registration for a case, will not be permitted to be an Authorized Individual.

Research involving the use of Controlled Substances with animals must have an approved IACUC protocol with the substances listed. Research involving human subjects and controlled substances must have an approved IRB protocol with the substances listed.

Any person who knows drug diversion associated with the use of Controlled Substances in TCU Research must report such information to the DEA and the TCU Research Integrity Officer.

The Office of Research requires that every research and teaching lab using controlled substances maintain initial and biennial inventory forms as a part of their records. Please utilize the controlled substance general inventory log for each individual controlled substance container, unit, and size.

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