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Controlled Substances Record Keeping and Forms

Any TCU researchers are required to maintain complete and accurate records for all controlled substances. These records should be kept separate from all other documents and files. All usage, lost, stolen, or destroyed materials should be documented in great detail, including the quantity and dates. All records must be maintained by researchers for a minimum of two years from the time of the last log entry. Please see the training document for a list of records to be maintained by each researcher.

Title Description
Office of Research PI Registration FormComplete this form and email to once you’ve obtained your DEA license/registration
Authorized Personnel Screening Statement
Consent and Release - Controlled Substance
DEA Personnel with Access to Controlled Substances
Authorized User Log
Use these forms to process Authorized users (student, faculty, or staff)
Controlled Substances Usage Log FormComplete this form. Every time a CS is used it must be accounted for on this form.
Initial Inventory FormA complete and accurate inventory of the stock of controlled substances within each authorized registrant’s laboratory must be performed initially upon receipt of a DEA license. You must record zero inventories at this time. The authorized person conducting the inventory and authorized witness must also sign the initial inventory form.
Biennial Inventory FormAfter the initial inventory is taken, a new inventory of all stocks of controlled substances on hand should be conducted every two years. The inventory date and opening or close of business, drug name, strength, quantity, drug form (tablet, capsule, etc.), number of units/volumes, total quantity, expiration date, name of Principal Investigator, and location must be recorded. The authorized person conducting the inventory and authorized witness must also sign the Biennial Inventory form.
Inspection ChecklistChecklist should be completed at Initial, annual, biennial and closing.
Transfer FormDEA approval must be obtained prior to transferring any controlled substances to another research investigator. The transfer process is the same as one would use to purchase substances from an approved vendor or request a reverse distribution. This form must be kept in your records, and a copy kept in the receiving registrant's records.
DEA Form 41This form should be completed when TCU EHS disposes of Controlled substances. Please see section G of the procedures document.