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About TCU Research

One hallmark of TCU is adherence to the “teacher – scholar model”.  It is not teacher or scholar but more like “teacher as scholar” and “scholar as teacher”.

Faculty who choose to spend their careers here walk a tough line.  They must be excellent scholars, active and respected in their disciplines.   Their scholarship is influenced and sometimes shaped by questions that arise from teaching.  And they must be excellent teachers, informed by the latest developments in their discipline, and ready mentors to promising student scholars. Many research projects involve undergraduate and graduate students as apprentice scholars.

It is an important role of the academy to address social and physical challenges with thinking and doing to expand the boundaries of what is known.

TCU researchers take on tough, important problems every day. This site highlights only a few projects at a time.  You can read more in depth articles by visiting the Endeavors magazine site.   Their exciting results are helping to find new ways to deliver cancer curing drugs, uncovering the nature of gender distinctions in history, helping adopted children to adjust to a new life, examining diets to alleviate obesity, helping us to understand the environmental effects of wind farms, keeping unsafe fish from the food supply, identifying the best ways to prepare math teachers, curing addiction among prison inmates, and doing much, much more.

Faculty are aided in these endeavors by Sponsored Programs – office overseeing any project with funding, including those supported by TCU funding.

Other aid is provided by Research, and includes compliance committees and policies, programs to ensure research integrity, intellectual property committee and processes, and research promotion and marketing .