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IACUC Members

Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC).  The IACUC oversees TCU’s animal care and use program, which includes the review and approval of animal use activities and inspections of animal facilities.

Dean Williams, Chairperson (BIOL)2024
Ken Leising, Vice Chair(PSYC)2024
Brent Cooper(PSYC)2024
Mauricio Papini(PSYC)2024
Bo Soderbergh(NON-TCU MEMBER)2026
Egeenee Daniels (VETERINARIAN)
Mike Chumley, alternate(BIOL)2024
Marlo Jeffries, alternate(BIOL)2024
Gary Boehm, alternate(PSYC) 2024
: Lauren Sierra (RSL)2026