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Legacy Studies

Legacy studies are any studies that were approved by the TCU IRB before January 10, 2022. If your study was deemed exempt before this date it will not be migrated into Cayuse and you will continue to submit modifications and project closures via

For legacy studies that were approved by Expedited review or Full Board review, your studies will be migrated into Cayuse for you by ORC Staff. However, these studies will continue to on the paper forms. To be more specific, we will take your most recently approved protocol, consent(s)/assent(s), and associated documents and upload them into a legacy short form, which is essentially a document upload. Legacy Submission forms filled out in lieu of an Initial submission form (like any new study submitted in Cayuse). From there they will always use the “new” Cayuse submission forms for any follow-on submissions like renewals.

Modifications will need to be made to the last approved version of your study documents and you will upload the revised version to Cayuse. Just a note about Modifications. The “cover page” sections from the Cayuse Modification submission form will show up for Legacy studies, but note that the sections that will auto-populate after that section will be from the Legacy Submission form filled out for that study. This is in contrast to a Study that had an Initial submission form filled out, then the initial sections auto-populate in a Modification. In this case  Legacy submission form was filled out instead of an Initial submission form, so the sections that auto-populate in the Modification will be from the Legacy submission form.