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IRB Members

Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (IRB).  The IRB develops standards and reviews proposed projects to help ensure compliance with University policy related to provisions for health, welfare, privacy, dignity and human concerns in research involving human subjects.

Brie Diamond, Chair(CRJU)2025
Dru Riddle, Vice Chair (NRAN)2023
Kristen Carr(COMM)2025
Miriam Ezzani(COE)2024
Ashely Franklin(NURS) 2025
Kylo-Patrick Hart (FTDM)2024
Jo Anna Leuck (MED) 2024
Matt Johnson (Counseling & Mental Health Center)2025
Uma Tauber(PSYC)2023
Cobi Tittle(Non-TCU Prisoner Advocate) 2025
Weldon George, non-voting liaison(RESEARCH COMPLIANCE)2025
Taryn Allen, alternate(COE) 2024
Brad Lucas, alternate(ENGL)2025
Debbie Rhea, alternate(KINE)2024
Qinghua Yang, alternate(COMM)2024