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IRB Forms and Templates

TitleDescriptionLast Updated
Instructions for the Consent Document
Informed Consent Form
Parental Consent Form
Informed Consent to Participate in Research and Authorization to Collect, Use, and Share your Health Information
Consent Form Templates and Consent Form Instructions
TCU Email TemplateUse this Template for Creating Recruitment emails
TCU Flier TemplateUse this Template to create your Recruitment Flyer
TCU Recruitment TemplateUse this Template to Create a Recruitment Advertisement
Project Closure and Final ReportUse this template to close a completed or cancelled research project
Criteria for Approval, ChecklistCriteria for Approval
Event Reporting FormUse this Form to Report an Event.
Child Assent TemplateUse this Form to Record Child Assent
Annual Check-in FormUse this form to complete your Annual Check-in/Progress Report
Sona Advertisement FormYou must include this form with your protocol if you plan to use SONA for recruitment
Not Human Subject Research Request FormUse this form for research that does not meet the definition of human subject research ( i.e., quality improvement, program evaluation).
Recruitment GuidelinesRecruitment guidelines provide an overview of steps that must be included in your recruitment materials and language
Request for Approval: Off-Campus Activity or Event
Request for Approval: On Campus Activity or Event
Request for Approval: Off-Campus Internships, Clinicals, Research,
or Similar Experiences

Student Release Form Off-Campus Activity
Internship, Community Engagement, and Experiential Learning

Internship, research clinical for credit
Please review each form and complete the form you feel is most appropriate for your research. You will need to complete the appropriate form and forward to the dean of your college/school for review and processing. Research on this protocol may not begin until written approval has been granted by the IRB and the appropriate Vice Chancellor or until University restrictions on travel are suspended.
Amendment/Modification FormUse this Form to Create the Application to Amend/Modify a Previously Approved Protocol.January 2021
Continuing Protocol Review Request FormUse this Form to create the Application for IRB Review of a Continuing Research Protocol.January 2021
Protocol Review Request FormUse this Form to Create the Initial Application to IRB for Review of the Research Protocol.January 2021
Research Information SheetUse this information sheet for exempt studies. The IRB can still require full consent if necessary.January 2021