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Human Research Protection Learning Series

The Human Research Protection Learning Series is a monthly Zoom meeting to discuss everything and anything about Human Subject Research and the IRB process at TCU. Each session will be dedicated to a specific topic that will help towards preparing your protocol and what the IRB committee looks for when considering approval of research.

The sessions are open to anyone to join! Below are the respective dates and topics that will be discussed for each session. There will be time at the end of each session for discussion and Q&A.

Come join us during your lunchtime to learn more about the IRB at TCU!

Spring 2024 Sessions 

All sessions will start at 12 pm

January 31stStudy Procedures (Part 2: Deception & Debrief)

February 28thCompensation

March 27thRisks & Benefits

April 24thInformed Consent (Part 1: Parental Consent & Youth/Child Assent)

Did you miss a session or unable to attend? No worries, all sessions will be recorded and you can click here to view the recordings