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IBC Members

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).  The IBC oversees TCU’s Biosafety in Research program, which includes helping to ensure compliance for all research and teaching activities that involve the use of recombinant or synthetically derived nucleic acid molecules or other biohazardous materials.

Michael Bernas, Chair(MED)2021
Dennis Cheek, Vice Chair(NURS)2021
Melissa Acosta (NON-TCU MEMBER) 2024
Rich Adickes(RISK MANAGEMENT)2021
Giridhar R. Akkaraju(BIOL)2024
Kathleen Borgmann(NON-TCU MEMBER) 2024
Eric B. Gonzales(MED)2023
John Horner(BIOL)2022
Jada Willis(NTDT)2021
Alternate: Mitzi Glover(MED) 2024
Weldon George, non-voting liaison (RESEARCH COMPLIANCE)