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IBC Submission Process and Deadlines

Instructions for Submitting Protocols to IBC

TCU has established an Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), which is responsible for overseeing the compliance of all research and teaching activities that are conducted by faculty, staff, students, and/or any other individuals at, or under the auspices of TCU, and that involve the use of recombinant or synthetically derived nucleic acid molecules or other biohazardous materials.

Initial Review

Complete the protocol application. Follow all instructions that are set forth in the application. Submit your completed application to

The IBC Chairperson will make a preliminary determination as to whether the project is exempt from review by the IBC under federal guidelines. Experiments determined as exempt by the IBC Chairperson will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Office of Research Compliance, on behalf of the IBC, documenting the exempt determination.  No further action is required by the Principal Investigator, unless there is a change in procedures that would affect the IBC’s initial determination as exempt. New protocol applications for research that do not meet criteria for exemption are scheduled for review at the next fully convened IBC meeting.  The IBC will review the protocol and transmit its decision in writing to the principle investigator and the Office of Research. The IBC may require the PI to make revisions to the protocol before they will approve the research. Requests for revisions will be made in writing to the PI. The Office of Research will send to the PI by email an official approval letter, on behalf of the IBC.

Annual Review and Expiration

Research deemed exempt from IBC oversight is not subject to annual review or expiration dates.

All non-exempt protocols are subject to an IBC annual review. Complete the annual review form and submit it to within 30 days of the first and second anniversaries of the initial IBC approval shown on the approval letter.  Failure to timely submit an annual review can result in the protocol being suspended until the review form is submitted.

IBC approval for non-exempt research is effective for no more than three years. If the research or teaching activity is to continue beyond three years, a new protocol application must be submitted as instructed above.

Amendment to an Approved Protocol

To request a change to your non-exempt approved research protocol, complete the IBC amendment form and submit it to

If you want to make a change to an exempt protocol that would affect the IBC’s initial determination of exempt, complete and submit the amendment form to