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TCU Invests in Scholarship (TCU IS)

TCU IS is an internal grant program to stimulate research or creative activities that represent identified opportunities for significant external funding and recognition.  Currently, grants may be funded up to $20,000.

Grants are awarded for proposals primarily to accomplish at least one of the following:

  1. Have high potential for major competitive extramural funding (greater than $250,000 in direct costs).
    1. Proposal must have significant scientific merit and be judged highly likely to receive significant extramural support.  Applications seeking support to assemble preliminary data for resubmission of an application for extramural funding must provide prior critique(s) and, within the TCU IS application, address deficiencies mentioned in critiques of major proposals.
  2. Promote competitive interdisciplinary proposals.
    1. At least 50% of proposal Principal Investigators must have proven records of scholarship.
    2. Must include specific target of opportunity for external funding (greater than $250,000 in direct costs).
  3. Promote pure research and creative work.
    1. Must include significant opportunity to build institutional reputation at the national/international level.
    2. May include significant student opportunity at undergraduate or graduate level.

All those who hold a full-time faculty appointment, tenure, tenure-track, professor of professional practice or instructor appointment at TCU are eligible Principal Investigators (PIs).  Lecturers, and visiting or adjunct faculty are not eligible.  PIs from outside TCU are not eligible.

LOI Due: January 23rd, 2024

Proposal Due: February 26th, 2024

Reviewed and Faculty informed by April 26th, 2024


Awards will be made for 12 month periods.  Funds must be utilized by the date given in the award letter. PI(s) must commit to giving a status report and presentation at the mid-point (6 month) and end (12 month) of the funding period.  Full funding will be made available contingent upon satisfactory progress as presented at the mid-point (6 month) presentation.