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Policies and Procedures

OSP staff, located in Sadler Hall, Room 1015, can assist in proposal development and identification of possible funding sources. Annual registers of grant support, newsletters, funding sources and alert systems, agency directories, contracts and grants policy manuals, as well as an online sponsor search service are available for use by faculty and staff.

Travel Regulations for Grants and Contracts

Uniform Guidance

Federal and State Grant Procurement

Federal regulations issued by the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) under the “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards,” (UG) define procurement requirements for purchases with federal funds. In response, Texas Christian University (“TCU”) adopted this policy to comply with the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards set out at 2CFR 200.317-326.

Procurement Policy REV 1 July 2018

Procurement Procedure REV 1 July 2018

Sponsored Project Procurement Justification Rev1 July 2018

Training REV 1 July 2018

Financial Conflict of Interest

Federal regulations require TCU to ensure that research results are not biased by any external commitments and financial interests of persons who are responsible for the design, conduct, reporting, or direct administration of university research. OSP has developed the following policies, procedures and other documentation to help TCU fulfill this requirement.

OSP Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

Managing Plan Requirements Matrix

Financial Conflict Management Plan Level 1

Financial Conflict Management Plan Level 2

Financial Conflict Management Plan Level 3

FCOI Financial Interests Report Form

NIH Training Financial Conflict Of Interest – FCOI

NIH FCOI Summary of Major Changes