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Junior Faculty Summer Research Program (JFSRP)

Funding is to support selected junior faculty for the purpose of advancing their research, creative projects, and scholarship.

Program Criteria

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Junior faculty holding a full-time, tenure-track position with the rank of assistant professor.
  • Not previously received the JFSRP more than one previous time. (Cannot be awarded more than twice).
  • Faculty must be at TCU for the full year of the award, summer through the following spring.
  • Those not already receiving University/College summer funding (NOT including summer school teaching salary). Those receiving summer salary support from an external grant and/or contract remain eligible to apply for JFSRP support as long as they are not already compensated for 100% of time

Preference will be given to junior faculty in the first three years of their probationary period at TCU.

Award Amount

The amount of summer salary available to a successful applicant is $6,000. (Note that taxes will be withheld.)  No funding will be paid for retirement benefits. Successful applicants will also be eligible to teach in no more than two regular summer school sessions contingent upon departmental need and the availability of funding for summer school classes.

Number of Awards

Awards are made for meritorious proposals based on available funding.

Applicants are only eligible to receive the award twice

Proposal Submission and Evaluation

Proposals are to be submitted along with a proposal for the Research and Creative Activity Fund (RCAF).  A full proposal is required from each applicant.  If no additional funding is requesting from RCAF, the budget will simply include the summer research salary.   If RCAF monies are also sought, then the budget can include both those funds and the summer salary.

The proposals will be reviewed by the TCU Research and Creative Activity Fund (RCAF) Committee. The evaluation criteria are the same as those used in the review of RCAF proposals. Faculty are encouraged to submit a RCAF proposal to complement their summer salary request which could provide funding for travel, supplies, or other items in support of the project.

There is no separate application form.  Application is made through the RCAF process.  As specified on the RCAF webpage, proposals are to be prepared according to the guidelines. One pdf file containing the complete submission should be submitted electronically to the Office of Sponsored Programs at by the deadline specified in the call for proposals.

Deadline Dates

Proposal Due: February 19th, 2024
Reviewed and Faculty informed by April 19, 2024

Reporting Requirement

A final project report is due in the Office of Sponsored Programs no later than October 31st of the award year, consisting of:

  • What grant program is your award funded under (RCAF, JFSRP, TCUIS)?
  • What is the project title of your award?
  • How was project time spent?
  • What accomplishments have been made toward the original goals of the project?
  • What, if any, delays have you experienced in meeting the original goals of the project?

It is recommended that faculty share their report with the appropriate college dean.