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Research and Creative Activities Fund (RCAF)

The Research and Creative Activities Fund (RCAF) Committee makes recommendations to the Associate Provost for Research regarding awards made from the fund.  The Committee considers support for four types of proposals (the last is not mutually exclusive from one of the first three):

  1. Seed money that enables the investigator to do the preliminary work that precedes proposal submission for extramural funding.
  2. Funding for scholarly projects for which external funding is limited.
  3. Awards to sustain ongoing research for which external funding was sought but not received.
  4. Junior Faculty Summer Support.  For information about this please see the JFSRP page.

Qualified faculty are those who:

  • Hold a full-time, tenure, tenure-track or instructor appointment at TCU (only untenured, tenure-track are eligible for Junior Faculty Summer Support)
  • Have filed a final report on all previously awarded RCAF grants
  • Have submitted at least one proposal for external funding over the past three years -OR- have not received three or more RCAF grants within the last five years.

Funds will NOT be provided for:

  • Any travel that is not directly related to the conduct of the proposed research or creative activity.
  • Completion or publication of dissertations.
  • Faculty salaries, though Junior Faculty may apply for the JFSRP grant for summer salary with their RCAF proposal.
  • Support of graduate students receiving fellowships or assistantships.

Proposals should be carefully prepared following the RCAF Guidelines

Downlaod RCAF Proposal Workshop 2019

Proposals for FY2021 are due January 17, 2020. Notification of awards will occur by April 1, 2020.