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Research is the foundation for knowledge and provides the source of new ideas, methods, techniques and innovation across a whole range of disciplinary areas. Research invariably leads to a better understanding of and a deeper appreciation for the discipline under investigation.

TCU recognizes the importance of research as central to its mission and vision. Research contributes to both individual professional fulfillment and teaching excellence.  Research results bring honor and prestige to the faculty and TCU, and help to attract support and additional, competent faculty and students.

The TCU Office of Research offers comprehensive training and education opportunities to meet the needs of faculty, staff, postdocs and students involved in research and scholarly activities at TCU.   Our program is structured to provide a better understanding of the requirements, policies and administrative processes that impact the research enterprise.

The Office of Research’s vision is to create a comprehensive support system for TCU researchers so to ease their administrative burden and allow them to focus on what matters most…their research.

Our mission is to support the conduct and expansion of responsible research and creative activity at TCU, developing external funding opportunities, advocating for best practice and policy, and monitoring activities and results.





Upcoming Training

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  • 17 Oct

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