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Grants for TCU Students

Graduate Student Travel Grant Program

The Graduate Student Travel Grant Program has been established to support travel of graduate students related to research.  Funds may be used by graduate students to make presentations at professional meetings or to conduct research related to their field of study, usually for a thesis, dissertation, or directed study.  Funds are not available for class or group travel unless it specifically supports the student’s individual research project.  Grants will not be made for attendance at a conference where the student is not presenting scholarly results from their work at TCU.  Nor will they be made for interviews or auditions for professional positions.  Maximum award is $400 for domestic travel and $800 for international; a student will not be awarded more than one grant in any fiscal year; this includes graduate travel grants from the Graduate Student Senate.  Limited funds are available; grant award will be determined, up to the fund limits, by the associate provost´s office.

Completed application forms may be submitted at any time to Dr. Bonnie Melhart, Dean of Graduate Studies, Sadler Hall, Room 3101.  Please note that all applications must contain the endorsements of the Department Advisor/Chair and the Dean of the student’s major.

Travel grant applications and more information can be found at

Information Regarding Travel Advances

Graduate students who are TCU employees or hold a TCU assistantship that pays a stipend may request an advance for travel related to their TCU program of study and for which they have University funding.   Requests for advances must be approved by the academic program dean or the Dean of Graduate Studies at TCU.   Once the travel has been completed, a request for reimbursement must be filed within 30 days of return.  If the reimbursement is not filed within this period, the outstanding advance amount may be deducted from the student’s paycheck or stipend check to cover the advance.

Graduate students who are not employees or assistants with a stipend are not eligible for advances.  They can ask an advisor in the department of their discipline to get an advance in their name and then indicate on the reimbursement request form that the funding source is to pay back the advance.
Process and statement approved by Finance and Graduate Studies, 2/28/2013