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Displaying Internal Awards for 2019

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PI Project Title Award
Onofrio Annunziata
The Use of Salt Gradients to Achieve Protein Purification $4,500
Kalee Appleton
Reimagining Contemporary American Western Landscape Photography $4,500
Babette Bohn
Women Artists, their Patrons, and their Publics in Early Modern Bologna $4,500
Matt Chumchal
Do ponds support terrestrial predators? An Investigation of the proportion of aquatic insects in spider diets as a function of distance from pond shorelines. $4,480
Hana Dobrovolny
Development of a Method to Measure Syncytia Viral Production Rate and Lifespan $4,200
Ray Drenner
Tetragnathid Spiders as Biosentinels of Mercury Contamination of the Trinity River $4,087
Naomi Ekas
Children’s Reactions to Interparental Conflict of Divorced/Separated Parents $4,300
Roma Flowers
Screen Dance in the Landscape $4,500
Jeannie Gailey
Aging Women and Body Image $4,500
Frederick Gooding
Black Oscar: What the Academy Awards Tell Us About African Americans $3,399
Matthew Hale
Who do You Think You Are? Using Large-Scale Genetic Data to Determine Origin of Migratory Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) $3,600
Benjamin Ireland
“The Japanese-French Connection: From Repatriated Prisoners to Japanese Nurses” $4,500
Dongwoo Kim
The Effect of Medicaid Expansions on Eviction Rates $4,200
Endia Lindo
Parent Inference Training (PIT): Examining the role of parents as comprehension builders for their struggling middle school readers $4,500
Weiwei Liu
Air Pollution in China and Students’ Academic Performance $2,394
Jean-Luc Montchamp
New Antimalarial and Antituberculosis Drugs $4,500
Anton Naumov
Sugar Quantum Dots and Rare-Earth Metals: New, Safe and Non-Invasive Infrared Diagnostics $4,115
Mauricio Papini
Resilience-vulnerability to frustration and variation in mu-opioid receptor gene $3,161
Jordan Peterson
“Strictly Business? Decision-Making on Regulatory Litigation in Federal District Courts” $4,500
Ahmed Rivera Campos
Ultrasound Biofeedback Training as a Clinical and Pedagogical Strategy for Speech Sound Production $4,500
Jean Rivera Perez
The Effects of Computer-Based Trainings in Speech and Vocabulary Strategies with Spanish Speakers. $4,363
Samuel Ross
A Searchable Union Catalog of Islamic Manuscripts and an Assessment of the State of Islamic Studies Scholarship $4,456
Alicia Smith-Tran
The Challenges of a Youthful Appearance: Experiences of Age Bias in the Workplace Among Black Middle-Class Adults $3,500
Mikaela Stewart
Investigating tumor-suppressing protein interactions between BRCA1 and TP53 $4,500
Tee Tyler
A Qualitative Metasummary Focused on Parents of LGBTQ Children $4,500
Bingyang Wei
A Knowledge Engineering Approach to Software Model Verification $900
Dean Williams
Thermal Ecology of Texas horned Lizards in Small Texas Towns $4,500