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Displaying Internal Awards for 2019

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PI Project Title Award
Kalee Appleton
Reimagining Contemporary American Western Landscape Photography $6,000
Samantha Bates
Linking Research and Practice: Elevating the Profession of School Social Work $6,000
Joseph Darda
Whiteness on the Edge of Town: Veteran America and White Racial Politics since Vietnam $6,000
Ashley English
An Examination of the Web-Based Accountability Practices of Megachurches in Texas and California $6,000
Frederick Gooding
Black Oscar: What the Academy Awards Tell Us About African Americans $6,000
Dongwoo Kim
The Effect of Medicaid Expansions on Eviction Rates $6,000
Katie Lauve-Moon
Sexism Without Sexists: A Critical Investigation of the Glass Ceiling $6,000
Weiwei Liu
Air Pollution in China and Students’ Academic Performance $6,000
Bo Mei
Personal Information Prediction Based on Movie Rating Data $6,000
Michelle Meitl
Choosing Your Ammunition: Differences Among U.S. Supreme Court Justices in the Reliance and Use of Social Science in Criminal Procedure Opinions $6,000
Jordan Peterson
“Strictly Business? Decision-Making on Regulatory Litigation in Federal District Courts” $6,000
Ahmed Rivera Campos
Ultrasound Biofeedback Training as a Clinical and Pedagogical Strategy for Speech Sound Production $6,000
Jean Rivera Perez
The Effects of Computer-Based Trainings in Speech and Vocabulary Strategies with Spanish Speakers. $6,000
Samuel Ross
A Searchable Union Catalog of Islamic Manuscripts and an Assessment of the State of Islamic Studies Scholarship $6,000
Alicia Smith-Tran
The Challenges of a Youthful Appearance: Experiences of Age Bias in the Workplace Among Black Middle-Class Adults $6,000
Mikaela Stewart
Investigating tumor-suppressing protein interactons between BRCA1 and TP53 $6,000
Mary Twis
Domestic minor sex trafficking victis: Exploring victim-trafficker relationship type $6,000
Tee Tyler
A Qualitative Metasummary Focused on Parents of LGBTQ Children $6,000
Bingyang Wei
A Knowledge Engineering Approach to Software Model Verification $6,000
Qinghua (Candy) Yang
The dark side of social networking sites (SNSs): A meta-analytic review of the association between SNS use and serious mental illness $6,000