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Displaying Internal Awards for 2019

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PI Project Title Award
Kalee Appleton
Implementation of LED Lighting Technology $3,600
Samantha Bates
Enhancing Student Engagement through Courageous Conversations $2,877
Yvonne Cao
Design Thinking Immersive Training $3,270
Matt Chumchal
Coordination and Confirmation of Program Arrangements for a New Faculty Led Global Learning Program: “One Health in South Africa.” $3,304
William Gibbons
Clara Schumann Day: Experiential Learning through Music History $3,000
Frederick Gooding
Going Behind the Scenes of Hollywood Before Going in Front of the Class $3,521
Zack Hawley
Data Science and Economics: From Experiments to Machine Learning $3,600
Amber Heck
An Evidence-Based Approach to Designing a Medical School Readiness Course Based Upon a Strategic Learning Model $3,600
Beata Jones
Global Digital Innovation $3,600
Gabi Kirilloff
Sean Atkinson
Nick Bontrager
Jason Helms
How Video Games Reflect and Impact the Real World $3,600
Katie Lauve-Moon
Undoing Gender: An Approach for Addressing Unconscious Gender Biases in the Classroom $2,582
John Lovett
Materials for a Classroom Demonstrator Model Cotton Gin $300
Michael Misamore
Preservation and Enhancement of TCU Invertebrate Collection $2,524
James Rodriguez
Incorporating Vocology and Technology in Vocal Pedagogy $2,532
Tee Tyler
A Leadership Training Program for TCU Social Work Undergraduate Students $3,100
Wendy Williams
City as Text: Fort Worth $2,450