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Research Integrity Officer

TCU is committed to fostering an environment that promotes the adherence to ethical principles and professional standards while pursuing knowledge through research and scholarly activities. Any conduct that jeopardizes this environment undermines the advancement of knowledge, erodes public support, wastes resources, and therefore, is prohibited.

TCU expects everyone engaged in research or scholarly activities at or on behalf of TCU to pursue such endeavors in compliance with applicable law and TCU research policies and procedures, with integrity and intellectual honesty at all times, and with appropriate regard for human and animal subjects.  Individuals in leadership or supervisory positions have a special obligation to foster academic integrity in their relationships and in their work.  These expectations, along with other information, are set forth in the Research Integrity policy and procedures.

If you are aware of or suspect research misconduct or noncompliance, contact the TCU Research Integrity Officer (“RIO”).

Lorrie Branson, J.D.
3101 Sadler Hall