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Research Integrity Officer

TCU is committed to fostering an environment that promotes the adherence to ethical principles and professional standards while pursuing knowledge through research and scholarly activities. Any conduct that jeopardizes this environment undermines the advancement of knowledge, erodes public support, wastes resources, and is therefore prohibited.

TCU expects everyone engaged in research or scholarly activities at or on behalf of TCU to pursue such endeavors in compliance with applicable law and TCU Research policies and procedures, with integrity and intellectual honesty at all times, and with appropriate regard for human and animal subjects.  Any observed, suspected, or apparent Research Misconduct should be reported to the Research Integrity Officer (“RIO”), Dr. Bonnie Melhart.

The RIO receives and manages allegations of research misconduct at TCU.  The RIO has responsibility for:

  •  assessing allegations to determine if they fall within the definition of research misconduct and if the allegation is sufficiently credible and specific to warrant an investigation
  •  overseeing the inquiry and investigative process
  • sequestering all documents and evidence and ensuring confidentiality is maintained
  •  ensuring that necessary and appropriate expertise is secured to carry out a thorough and authoritative evaluation of the relevant evidence
  • taking all reasonable steps to ensure that the persons involved in the allegations or evidence are fair, competent and impartial, and without conflict of interest
  • reporting to the appropriate parties and federal funding agency, as required.
  • Helping to ensure TCU’s research and creative scholarship continues to be ethical and responsible is a shared obligation of the entire TCU community. While this burden lies primarily with scholars and researchers, everyone involved in the research process, including students, staff, faculty and administrators, has the unmistakable obligation to report any suspected research misconduct. Please see TCU’s policies related to responsible conduct of research and research integrity for more information.

To make any comments, concerns, requests, or reports regarding suspected research misconduct, contact:

Dr. Bonnie Melhart
Associate Provost for Research, Research Integrity Officer
3101 Sadler Hall