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RCAF Current Awards

Displaying 2017-2018 RCAF Awards

Principal Investigator Project Title Award
Onofrio Annunziata
Salt-enhanced protein adsorption $4,500
Victoria Bennett
Identifying the features and resources in urban parks that allow bat populations to persist $4,392
Joshua Blaylock
 The Optics of Secrecy in the Early Modern French Novella $4,415
Guangyan Chen
Examining the Role of Culture in Foreign Language Programs: Linking U.S. Collegiate Chinese Language Program Goals with University Missions $4,500
Stuart Cheney
The Viol in France, 1490–1770 $4,435
Matt Chumchal
Methyl mercury contamination of red-winged blackbirds $4,500
Michael Chumley
The role of isolation stress on the induction of Alzheimer’s disease $4,490
Maria Ciriza Lope
Alzheimer’s, Caregiving, and The Role of Place in Building Families $2,562
Ashley Coles
Assessing flood exposure and adaptation behavior for a mobile population $4,174
Sean Crotty
The Red Light Network $4,403
Hana Dobrovolny
Surface protein distribution of influenza drug-resistant mutants $4,200
Naomi Ekas
Using Eye Tracking Technology to Examine Emotional Metamemory in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder $3.900
Nada Elias-Lambert
Faculty Perceptions and Motivations Regarding Bystander Intervention Programming $4,470
Misha Galagnov
Romantic Music for Viola: popularizing newly discovered pieces though historically-informed recordings $4,500
Omar Harvey
Multi-proxy Isotopic Source-Tracking of nitrate in Groundwaters of the Seymour Aquifer, Texas $4,200
Marlo Jeffries
Utilizing next-generation sequencing to unravel the mechanisms underlying altered reproductive development and function following exposures to thyroid disrupting chemicals. $4,480
Aesha John
Q Set for Fathers: A Measure to Assess Father-Child Attachment $4,500
Adam King
Asymmetrical Coordination Patterns following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction  $4,500
Eunseon Kwon
Consumers’ Social Media Advocacy Behaviors of Luxury Brands: An Exploratory Framework. $3,000
Kenneth Leising
Investigating Neural and Behavioral Changes in a Spatial Learning Task $4,015
Weiwei Liu
Investigating the Structural Change in Gasoline Consumption $4,500
Rachel Livedalen
Representation and Gender: Experiments with Screenprinting on Panel $4,355
Liang Ma
How Consumers’ Skepticism and Corporate Ability Beliefs Affect Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication $4,492
Shauna McGillivray
Validation of SmpB as a potential antibiotic target in Staphylococcus aureus $4,500
Celeste Menchaca
Collecting the American Southwest: Natural History and the Creation of National Identity $4,486
Jean-Luc Montchamp
Toward An Anti-Cocaine Vaccine $4,250
Anton Naumov
Graphene oxide: a red flag detection of cancer environments $4,418
Sally Packard
Proliferate $4,249
Melody Phillips
Does Exercise Reduce Expression of an Immune Cell (Th17) Responsible for Auto-Immune-Linked Hypertension in Obese, Post-menopausal Women? $4,500
Santiago Pinon
An Inclusive Nature of Peoplehood $3,937
Steve Przymus
“Going home to some place they’ve never been.”: Exploring the potential of gaming on the positive educational and identity development of transnational children. $2,000
Tee Tyler
LGBTQ Client Scenarios for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination $2,650
Jennifer Watson
Description of Stuttering in Mandarin-Speaking Children $4,341
Amina Zarrugh
“Only God Knows”: Family Movement Politics in Libya $3,986