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RCAF Current Awards

Displaying 2016-2017 RCAF Awards

Principal Investigator Project Title Award
Giridhar Akkaraju
Understanding the mechanism of Esttsfiol-3-melex, a targeted anti-cancer agent, induces cell death in breast cancer cells mediated cell death in MDF-7 breast cancer cells $4,000
Josh Bentley
Organizational Apologies in Data Breach Crises $9,850
Martin Blessinger
William Gibbons
American Portraits $4,000
Stephanie Butkus
An Exploration of how Primary Care Providers can Assist in Meeting the Needs of LBGTQ Adolescents $1,600
Guangyan Chen
Factor Structure of the New Chinese Proficiency Test $9,145
Matt Chumchal
Linkages between Aquatic and Terrestrial Systems along the Trinity River $4,000
Layne Craig
Lysistrata on the Home Front: Locating Women’s Reproductive Bodies in WWI-Era “Birth Strike” Rhetoric $2,705
Susan Douglas Roberts
The Kinderszemen (Scenes from Childhood) Choreographic Project $3,502
Naomi Ekas
Behavioral and Physiological Regulation of Negative Affect in Typically Developing Children and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder $3,900
Jessica Fripp
Portraits of Artists and the Social Commerce of Friendship in Enlightenment France $10,000
Adam Fung
Art in the Arctic Circle: On-Site Research $10,000
Kayla Green
Developing new frameworks and methods for the detection of cancer through magnetic resonance imaging $4,000
Matthew Hale
There and back again: Using genomic methods to determine the genetic basis of migration in rainbow and steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) $9,744
Omar Harvey
Mineral Effects on the Co-production of Methane and Nitrous Oxide by Methanogenic Archaea $9,977
John Horner
The Cost of Herbivory in a Carnivorous Plant $3,945
Marlo Jeffries
Where’s the beef?:Identification of Watershed Characteristics that Minimize the Environmental Impacts of Hormonally-Active Compounds Associated with Cattle Feedlot Effluent $9,996
Aesha John
Professionals’ perspectives on partnering with families of individuals with an intellectual disability $9,840
Shauna McGillivray
Role of the ClpXP protease in antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus aureus $4,000
Michael Misamore
Reproduction in Dreissenid Mussels $3,400
Joel Mitchell
Meena Shah
The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on High-Sugar Meal Induced Endothelial Dysfunction in Post-Menopausal Women $4,000
Anton Naumov
Development of carbon nanotube-based multiple anticancer drug delivery/imaging system $9,922
Youngha Ryu
Biosensors for Small Molecule Disease Markers $4,000
Jada Stevenson
Using Behavior Change Modification Therapy to Promote Weight Loss and Prevent Weight Regain in College-age, Overweight Females $9,889
Kathleen Strickland-Cohen
Kathleen Kyzar
Enhancing Parent Engagement within Multi-Tiered Systems of Behavior Support in Schools $3,860
Dean Williams
Texas horned lizard demography in small Texas towns $4,000
Adam McKinney
At Sunset: A Technological Trio $2,250