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JFSRP Current Awards

Displaying 2017 JFSRP Awards

Principal Investigator Project Title Award
Midio Akagi
Modeling Conceptual Disagreement in Science $6,000
Nicholas Albanese
 Imagining Sicily $6,000
Joshua Blaylock
 The Optics of Secrecy in the Early Modern French Novella $6,000
Maria Ciriza Lope
Alzheimer’s, Caregiving, and The Role of Place in Building Families $6,000
Ashley Coles
Assessing flood exposure and adaptation behavior for a mobile population $6,000
Wesley Cray
The Nature of Ideas: Theory and Application $6,000
Sean Crotty
The Red Light Network $6,000
Gabriel Huddleston
Video Game Streaming as a Curriculum of Masculinity $6,000
Adam King
Asymmetrical Coordination Patterns following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction  $6,000
Eunseon Kwon
Consumers’ Social Media Advocacy Behaviors of Luxury Brands: An Exploratory Framework $6,000
Weiwei Liu
Investigating the Structural Change in Gasoline Consumption $6,000
Liang Ma
How Consumers’ Skepticism and Corporate Ability Beliefs Affect Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication $6,000
Celeste Menchaca
Collecting the American Southwest: Natural History and the Creation of National Identity $6,000
Steve Przymus
“Going home to some place they’ve never been.”: Exploring the potential of gaming on the positive educational and identity development of transnational children $6,000
Tee Tyler
LGBTQ Client Scenarios for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination $6,000
Amina Zarrugh
“Only God Knows”: Family Movement Politics in Libya $6,000