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TCU IS Current Awards

Displaying 2015-2016 TCU IS Awards

Principal Investigator Project Title Award
Hana Dobrovolny
Investigating the role of transmission pathways in viral spread $13,200
Sarah Hill
Perceived pathogen load, immunocompetence, and risky sexual behavior $15,000
Jonathan Oliver
A comprehensive examination of factors associated with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in youth and young adult athletes $21,400
Mauricio Papini
Effects of reward loss on the consumption of substances with addictive potential $18,000
James Petrovich
Health service use by people experiencing homelessness: a comparison of sheltered and unsheltered subpopulations $13000
Kiril Tochkov
Carrie Currie
Ideology and the turbulent nature of the strategic partnership between China and Russia: An interdisciplinary perspective $17,500