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About TCU Invests in Scholarship

TCU Invests in Scholarship (TCU IS) is an internal grant program to stimulate research or creative activities that represent identified opportunities for significant external funding and recognition.  Currently, grants range from $10,000 to $25,000.

Grants are awarded for proposals primiarily to accomplish at least one of the following:

  1. Move current projects to competitive proposals for significant funding.
    1. Must have submitted proposals(s) recently.
    2. Proposal must address deficiencies mentioned in critiques of major (greater than $100,000) proposals.
  2. Promote competitive interdisciplinary proposals.
    1. At least 50% of proposal Principal Investigators must have proven records of scholarship.
    2. External proposals submitted is a plus.
    3. Must include specific target of opportunity for eternal funding.
  3. Promote pure research and creative work.
    1. Must include significant opportunity to build institutional reputation.
    2. May include significant student opportunity at undergraduate or graduate level.

All those who hold a full-time faculty appointment at TCU are eligible Principal Investigators (PIs).  Visiting and adjunct faculty are not eligible.  PIs from outside TCU are not eligible.

Proposals will be accepted through 5PM on Friday, March 2, 2018,with decisions on funding expected in late March. Awards will be made for 12, or 15 month periods – that is, funds must be utilized by the date given in the award letter. Carryover beyond the stated date is NOT possible.

Application Process

  1. Complete application.
  2. Prepare budget, following budget guidance below.
  3. Update CVs for all PIs and include with proposal.
  4. Submit all through PurpleSheets.

Proposal Requirements

  • Proposals must be submitted through TCU PurpleSheets software.  Indicate the funding sponsore as “TCU IS”.
  • TUC IS funding should be acknowledged in any reports or productions resulting from the funded work.
  • Approvals from research compliance committees (IRB, IACUC, etc.) must be obtained before awarded funding will be released.
  • PIs whose projects receive a TCU IS award must carry out the project as proposed according to the awarded budget.  If changes in protocol, objectives, scope, or budget are required, priori approval must be obtained from the Associate Provost for Research.
  • If external funding for the project begins during the TCU IS project award period, the TCU IS funding covering the same project expenses will be returned to the fund.
  • Periodic reports on progress toward external funding submission are expected at least at the close of semester periods (summer, fall, spring, summer).  A final report on the project is due to Research & Graduate Studies within 60 days of the project completion or expiration of the funding award, whichever comes first.

Budget Guidance

Budgets may include

  • Postdocs for 9 or 12 month appointments, within one fiscal year.
  • Student researchers.
  • Consultants.
  • Travel justified to perform the proposed research.

IS budget is NOT intended for

  • Faculty or staff pay, including summer.
  • Long-term funding for any particular research project.
  • Travel for participation in conferences or professional meetings to present research results.

If equipment (not includgin computer hardware) is required, submit bid information from Instructional Services, Technology Resources, and/or three sources.
PIs with existing start-up funds must include information about how those funds will be put to use for this project and/or why they are not sufficient for what is proposed.


Note:  there is no dictated format, other than the sections and information below.  PIs are encouraged to use the format of the external agency they have targeted for later submission.

Opening Section
For each PI:  Name, Department, Highest Degree
Project Title
Project Period (must be within one June 1 to the following August 31 15-month period)
Funding Request (total $ amount)
Non-technical abstract (200 words or less), suitable for publication with a non-technical readership
Human/animal subjects information (protocols reviewed/approved)
Statement of significant potential (Tell how this project has the potential to increase productive scholarship, either as significant external funding or increase institutional reputation for scholarship)

Statement of TCU Research Cluster alignment, if appropriate.

Body of Proposal
The body of the proposal may follow the format of the funding agency targeted for external funding requests.
Include budget details and justification for each category of the request.
PIs are encouraged to submit the budget using the template available on the Sponsored Programs website.  Other formats are acceptable in addition to the template representation.


CV for each PI

Record of External Funding

Include submissions and awards for each PI.