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IDG Awards

Displaying 2017-2018 IDG Awards

Principal Investigator Project Title Award
Komla Aggor
Developing a Summer Study Abroad Program in Spain $3,600
Helge Alsleben
Construction of an Augmented Reality Sandbox to Help Students with Understanding Topography and Contour Lines $3,554
Kristi Argenbright
Vanishing Faces: Saving the Bornean Orangutan from Extinction $3,600
Maria Ciriza-Lope
Medical Translation and Interpretation $1,013
Cathleen Cox
Acquisition of Psychological Testing Software to Benefit Student Learning $2,995
Mark Demarest
Michael Misamore
Identification of Biological Research Station for Marine Biology $3,550
Brad Lucas
Professional Education and Career Pathways in Technical Writing $3,600
Jennifer Martin
Lynn Jackson
Rethinking Poverty: Using Simulation to Expand Student Learning $3,600
Steve Przymus
Michael Faggella-Luby
Preparing Local/Global Educators for Teaching Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Youth $3,574
Ryan Schmitz
Study Abroad: Spanish and Hispanic Studies in Granada, Spain $3,600
Becky Taylor
Play Therapy Intensive Supervised Experience $1,655