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IDG Awards

Displaying 2018-2019 IDG Awards

Principal Investigator Project Title Award
Richard Alexander
Outdoor Education $3,145
Michelle Bauml
Teaching with Primary Sources $1,560
Layne Craig
Cultural Disability Studies at TCU $1,000
Mark Demarest
Michael Misamore
Identification of Biological Research Station for Marine Biology $3,550
Douglas Ingram
Archaeoastronomy of the Ancestral Pueblo $3,540
James Petrovich
An Experiential Exploration of Social Justice in the United States $2,430
Janie Robinson
Developing a Study Abroad Course in Ghana $3,560
Jay Ryu
Sally Fortenberry
Preparing Merchandising Students to Lead on Diversity in the Fashion Industry $400
Laura Singletary
Development of an Undergraduate Research Course of Study for the School of Music $3,250
Mary Waller
Development of an Interactive Management Simulation with Adobe Captivate $1,800