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About Instructional Development

The Instructional Development Grant (IDG) Committee makes recommendations to the Associate Provost for Research regarding grants awarded to develop new courses/course modules and to improve existing courses.  Examples of previously funded activities include development of new teaching pedagogies and curriculum innovations, incorporation of new technologies into teaching and learning (e.g., multimedia enhancements to reflect new technological capabilities), development of international content in teaching, and participation in programs for skills or professional enhancement directly related to instruction.  The grants support costs which go beyond funds normally provided by departmental budgets.  Funds are NOT provided for faculty salaries or graduate assistantships.

Proposals should be carefully prepared following the IDG Guidelines.  Proposals for FY2017 are due by noon on Monday, December 5, 2016.  See Current IDG Awards for a list of current awards.  The Call for Proposals was sent to all faculty in October; awards are to be made in late January.  Questions should be directed to the IDG Committee Chair or Linda Freed, Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs.

IDG Committee Members

Name Dept Year
Naomi Ekas, Chair Psychology (2018)
Amber Esping Education (2017)
Murrell Horton Fine Arts (2019)
Aesha John Social Work (2019)
Carrie Kemmer Information Systems (2018)
Max Krochmal History (2017)
Robert Neilson Chemistry (2017)
Jeffrey Todd Modern Languages (2018)
TBD, ex officio Director of Instructional Services
TBD, liaison Director of International Studies: Study Abroad
Bonnie Melhart, liaison Associate Provost for Research
Amanda Barnett graduate student
Sam Baxter undergraduate student
Zach Miller undergraduate student

Applications forms are available on the IDG Guidelines and Forms page.