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TCU Office of Research is proud to announce InfoEd Global (“InfoEd”) as its new electronic platform for protocol administration.

Notice IRB Submissions 12.19.2018

Dear Campus Community:

The Office Research and the TCU IRB recognize that the human subjects module of the InfoEd software is currently not functioning up to a standard that allows for the timely review of human subjects research protocols. The Office of Research Staff and InfoEd are currently working on fixing the problems, however the needed adjustments are significant and will take some time. During this time when InfoEd is “under maintenance” we would like investigators to submit their protocols through email (*) until further notice.

*NOTE:  We no longer have two separate emails for student and faculty protocols.  All human subject protocols may be submitted through the one email.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we are sorry for any inconvenience.


InfoEd provides a fully-integrated system that offers the following features, among others:


  • Electronic routing, review, and approvals associated with proposals, awards, protocols, and conflict of interest disclosures
  • Automatic data validation of proposals prior to submission
  • Efficient proposal, award, and protocol tracking processes
  • Pre-population of data to and from proposal, award, and protocol records and conflict of interest disclosures
  • Principal investigator and research committee member portals and dashboards
  • Interface with data warehouse to support various reporting needs
  • Proposal and award modules are integrated with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (“IACUC”) and Institutional Review Board for human subjects research (“IRB”) modules
  • Flexible and robust platform that will allow the Office of Research to implement additional modules  to respond to the growing needs of the research community.

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Additional modules for the Institutional Biosafety Committee and Grants will follow.

Email Project Feedback:

We invite everyone from the research community to provide feedback about the project, share their ideas, and share their concerns.