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Policies & Procedures

Title Description
Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects This policy generally describes TCU’s program for the protection of Human Subjects.
Research Integrity Officer’s Responsibilities This guidance provides information regarding suggested best practices related to the Research Integrity Officer’s responsibilities related to Research Integrity at TCU.
Research Integrity Policy This policy addresses Research Misconduct and Noncompliance.
Research Integrity Procedures These procedures supplement the Research Integrity Policy
Human Subjects Research Submissions Procedures These procedures supplement the Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research
Protocol Review Cover Sheet Use as a cover sheet for the IRB application

Protocol Review Request

Protocol Approval Form

Initial application to IRB for review of the research protocol

and approval form to accompany request

Continuing Protocol Review Request Application for IRB review of a continuing research protocol
Request for Amendment/Modification to Protocol Application to amend/modify a previously approved protocol.
HIPAA-FY2018upd Participant form for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance

Instructions for the Consent Document



Consent Form template for protocols and Instruction page for Consent Form.
Adverse Event Reporting Form Use this form to report adverse events
Media-Release-Form-FY18upd New Media Release Form
Sample Protocol Sample Protocol for your review.